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Animated Game Character


The development of Chester took place in 3 stages, across the unit FIT2087 - 3D Character Animation

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Part 1 - Character Modelling and Topology 

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Part 2 - Character Texturising and Accessorising

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Part 3 - Character Rigging and Animation

Part 1: Character Modelling and Topology

Part 1: Brief

For this assignment you will be designing, sculpting and modelling an original 3D game character using Autodesk Maya and Mudbox. The character must be a human or humanoid, with two arms and two legs (reptilians, werewolves, aliens etc).

The first part of this assessment will require you to create a model sheet of your character. This drawing will act as a reference and show your character from multiple perspectives (front, side, back etc). Next, you will sculpt your character in Mudbox using your own or a provided base mesh. 

Part 1: Programs


Autodesk Maya


Autodesk Mudbox


Adobe Photoshop

Part 1: Gallery

Part 2: Character Texturising and Accessorising

Part 2: Brief

For this assignment, you will continue working on the character you sculpted and retopologised in Assignment 1, pending approval by your tutor*. This is the stage where you will be adding accessories such as hair, clothing, armour and props. You will need to continue considering the possible stereotypes and biases you are representing with your character design and the impact this may have on users or players. You will then rig and skin your character so it can be animated. Finally, you will pose your character and import it into Unity.

Part 2: Programs


Autodesk Maya




Adobe Photoshop

Part 2: Process Timelapse

Part 2: Gallery

Part 3: Character Rigging and Animation

Part 3: Brief

In this final assignment, you will be creating a series of animations for a character. The animations include common third-person game character motions such as walking and gesturing.

Animations Required:

  1. Idle cycle

  2. Walk cycle

  3. Gesture

Part 3: Programs


Autodesk Maya

Part 3: Rigging Process Video

Part 3: Skinning Process Video

Part 3: Gesture Animation Process Video

Part 3: Gallery