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My Projects

Welcome to the 'My Projects' section of my portfolio. Here, I invite you to delve into a collection of diverse and captivating projects that showcase my skills and passion in various domains. From web development and 3D character animation to interactive media and 3D environments, each project represents a unique exploration of my creativity and technical expertise.

3D Environments

Within the realm of 3D environments, I create captivating and immersive digital worlds. Through the use of modeling, texturing, lighting, and sound design techniques, I craft stunning 3D spaces. From futuristic interiors to virtual landscapes, this category showcases my ability to bring virtual environments to life, providing a glimpse into the diverse and richly detailed worlds I have constructed.

3D Character Animation

Within this category, I delve into the captivating realm of 3D character animation. Using industry-standard tools like Autodesk Maya and Mudbox, I bring characters to life through meticulous design, modeling, rigging, and animation techniques. Journey through this category to see the imaginative and expressive characters I have crafted and the stories they tell.

Interactive Media

This category encompasses a diverse range of interactive digital experiences. From designing immersive 2D game compositions to creating interactive worlds, I showcase my skills in digital graphic editing, game design, and environmental storytelling. Dive into this category to explore the captivating and interactive projects I have developed, where user engagement and unique experiences take center stage.

Website Development

In the realm of web development, I dive into the world of creating engaging and functional websites. From designing visually stunning interfaces to implementing seamless user experiences, I showcase my skills in HTML, CSS, and other web technologies. Explore this category to witness the websites I have developed, ranging from single-page designs to dynamic and interactive experiences.


This category delves deep into the intricate realm of coding and software solutions. Venture into this section to discover the cutting-edge programming projects I've brought to life, where precision, innovation, and user-centric design are paramount.

Sonics & Ambisonic Audio Design

In the dynamic world of audio design and integration, I immerse myself in the complexities of sound creation and manipulation using advanced tools and technologies. My expertise extends across FMOD, Unity, Reaper, Healm, and a range of audio synthesisers, enabling me to craft rich and immersive sonic environments. Skilled in C# programming, I adeptly integrate these sounds into various applications, ensuring a seamless auditory experience. My proficiency not only lies in traditional sound design but also extends to the intricate realm of spatial audio, where ambisonics plays a pivotal role. By incorporating this advanced technique, I create deeply immersive 3D sound fields that envelop the listener, enhancing the realism and impact of the auditory experience. Coupled with my skills in C# programming for seamless audio integration, my projects in this category stand as a testament to my commitment to pushing the boundaries of sound. Each piece is a unique blend of technical expertise and creative innovation, designed to transport the audience into vividly realized sonic worlds.

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