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Interactive Media

This category encompasses a diverse range of interactive digital experiences. From designing immersive 2D game compositions to creating interactive worlds, I showcase my skills in digital graphic editing, game design, and environmental storytelling. Dive into this category to explore the captivating and interactive projects I have developed, where user engagement and unique experiences take center stage.

Unicycle Escape

Scene Composition 1:  
Repeated Elements Game worlds

For the first composition, I was asked to: 

  • Design a set of reusable objects using graphic design elements

  • Create a background design in which objects can be placed

  • Use smart objects to repeat instances of the objects to construct a scene



Scene Composition 2:  
Silhouettes and Illusion of Depth

For the second composition, I was asked to: 

  • Create a scene using layers of silhouette-styled scene elements.

  • To emphasise the silhouette style, use a monotone or duotone colour scheme only 

  • Apply effects that create atmosphere and depth-of-field effects in the scene


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