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Industrial Environment


In this assignment, you will be using Autodesk Maya, Substance 3D Painter and Unity to model and texture a set of industrial pieces which you will then duplicate and arrange to populate a provided scene. The final arrangement of your models will be augmented with basic virtual lighting and atmospheric sound.

To help manage the scope of this assignment, in week two we will provide you with a Unity project containing the shell of an industrial environment (the walls and floor have been modelled, textured, and arranged for you, meaning the size and shape of this environment is already defined). Your task is to fill the space inside the walls with your own repeating models. You should also consider placing some models above and behind the walls, giving the illusion that this environment is larger than the navigable area.

Designing your models with reference to a particular retro-futuristic genre (steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk, cassette futurism etc.) should be a key consideration to boost the cohesion and originality of your world. Your prior conceptual and visual research will be key in crafting an original creation. An ambient ‘soundscape’ (i.e. background sound) sourced from the Freesound Project will augment the interactive exploration of your scene.



Autodesk Maya




Adobe Substance Painter




Download Final Build


This link will direct you to Google Drive where you can download the Mac build .zip file

Download Final Build


This link will direct you to Google Drive where you can download the Windows build .zip file

Download Documentation

The project documentation outlines the process of the project development, including issues, challenges and solutions across all softwares.

The documentation includes all references to audio used in this project

Maya & Unity Project Files

If you have further interest in viewing the Maya or Unity Project Files, please contact me at

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