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Interactive Game


In this assignment, your objective is the creation of a working game level prototype.

"You are guided by the following scenario: This game level consists of an environment dominated by a singular structure; ‘the tower’. The player begins the level outside the tower, but somewhere within it, there’s something important that the player needs to acquire, find, or encounter. In order to get to it, the player must ‘unlock’ a series of linked interactions. Once they’ve done this, the game level is complete."

This game level will include exterior spaces (i.e. outdoors and under an open sky), architecture (your building) and interior spaces (rooms, corridors & stairways inside your building). You need to design a game level where the player can explore both outside and indoor environments. To advance the narrative of your game level prototype, you need at least three interactive features designed with the Unity plug-in Playmaker. These features aren’t random but designed with cause and effect; i.e. the first interaction unlocks the second interaction, which in turn enables the third. Further interactive features are welcome.




Autodesk Maya




Adobe Substance Painter


Unity Playmaker



Demo Video


Download Final Build


This link will direct you to Google Drive where you can download the Mac build .zip file

Download Final Build


This link will direct you to Google Drive where you can download the Windows build .zip file

Download Documentation

The project documentation outlines the process of the project development, including issues, challenges and solutions across all softwares.

The documentation includes all references to audio used in this project

Maya & Unity Project Files

If you have further interest in viewing the Maya or Unity Project Files, please contact me at

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