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Senturo Overview

The development of Senturo took place in 3 stages, across the unit FIT2091 - Interactive Studio 1

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Part 1 - Creating the Brand


Part 2 - Brand Video

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Part 3 - Senturo Website

Part 1: Creating the Brand

Part 1: Brief

Working in a team of 2 and based on a provided brand logo, our team synthesised an idea with a well-defined brand and product concept. The idea was presented as a 10-minute in-class presentation, complete with prepared slides containing visual aids.

Part 1: Overview

For this part, we had create the brand that was Senturo, creating and bringing to life the company and brand information. We had to formulate a brand profile, outline Senturo's key values that related to its target demographic. Further, we had to create visualisations of the product, clarifying and quantifying what the product would do and what its features would be. We created the following.

Who Are We?

Senturo is the latest digestive system we have developed that can be carried on a personal mobile device (such as a smartphone or smartwatch) to provide sensible dietary advice and food recommendations for each of us. When you need food, it will automatically navigate to a restaurant that meets your needs or provide healthy recipes.


As Senturo is entirely customised to you, it is of critical importance that we meet each and every user's individual needs and create the leading and foremost foodservice product service, our paramount value is YOU.

We recognise food can be complex where nutrients decisions for each individual includes a multi-layered process of individual factors, thus at senturo our value aims to meet your following needs: Economic, Dietary, Environmental, Physical, Cultural and Moral


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Senturo App

The Senturo app connects you with your favourite local restaurants and food services effortlessly. Our app allows you to order individual ingredients so that you can create your dearest recipes at home, or simply order from outstanding full menus from your best-loved local stores, wherever you want.

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Senturo Smart Band

Senturo continues to go even further, pushing online food services to a level you have never seen before. We have developed both a smartwatch compatible application and our very own Senturo Smart Band that uses the latest and most advanced technology to understand you. Using both our Senturo Smart Band and your personalised profile, Senturo knows what you need, when you need it, ahead of time, to make your nutrition and dietary decisions simpler.

More Information

For the full assignment presentation, and to read more about the product we created, download the slides below

Part 2: Brand Video

Part 2: Brief

In this stage, team members must each produce a different style of promotional video relating to the project’s company or product. Produce a serious or humorous promotional video with duration between 2-3 minutes. Each team member must choose a different style of video.

Secondly, prepare a presentation. For this presentation, you will prepare a presentation slide deck comprising 5-15 slides. The presentation slides deck will provide relevant visual examples, including:


  • An overview of your style guide

  • Relevant examples of design inspiration

  • Examples of important elements in your style guide

    • Typography and colour rules

    • Graphic style (icons, illustrations, photography, etc.)

    • Interface elements

Part 2: Senturo Style Guide


Download Presentation Slides

For the full assignment presentation, and to read more about website plan, download the slides below

Part 3: Senturo Website

Part 3: Brief

Plan, design, and implement a single-page website for a future product launch or crowdfunding campaign that showcases your team’s brand and product. This assessment task is individual work.


The website will present your team's assigned brand logo, product information and visualisation in a website with consistent brand styling and creative page layout design.


In order to convince visitors to help fund to the product development, a successful campaign website will usually have:

  • Statement of company vision and business goals

  • Proposed product features and benefits

  • Visualisation of product prototypes and development timelines

  • Information about the people involved in product development

  • Rewards for project backers who donate to campaign

The site must also include the video previously produced.

Website Demo

Programs & Programming Languages


DaVinci Resolve





Visit Website

For optimal and intended web layout, please view the website in 1920 x 1080

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